I have been a librarian for 83 days!  Now that I have gotten some semblance of routine and programming down I’d like to share my BIGGEST concern so far: getting students, and their families and significant adults to come to workshops, activities, and well all the fun stuff the library has to offer.  What are these fun activities?  Here’s a list:

  • -Story Time for Toddlers Wednesdays at 9:30 am
  • – Makerspaces after school
  • – Character Pumpkin Decorating Contest
  • -Literacy @ Home Workshops for parents of children in Pre-K and K in the evenings
  • -Battle of the Books

-Acquisitions Committee aka Cannaday’s Book Nerds

How have I gotten the word out?

  • Paper and digital flyers sent home
  • Pictures on twitter and our website so families can “see” how fun it is
  • Talking it up during students’ library time
  • Morning announcement during well…Morning Announcements
  • Standing at the curb handing out flyers to family members while they wait to drop/pick up their children

What else can I do to entice families to give it a chance, to come and have some fun at their library?

This is the new action plan so far:

1- During students’ library time I will show a clip or other visual of what we are doing during Makerspace

2- My first family night will be this week, I will place over tables all the activities that students will have to chose from when they come.

3- This idea is going to take more strategic planning than the others: visit homes for a quick greeting/invitation.  Maybe I could do it by grade levels or start with the streets in our neighborhood that have the greatest amount of families with children at our school.

If you read this and have any ideas that will motivate our families to come to their library please, share it with me.


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